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Pure Acai Berry is changing the lives of people all over the world. The rich purple palm fruit that’s native to the Amazon rainforest are high in anti-oxidants to help you cleanse your body. They can also help increase your metabolism for extra fat burning and are rich in B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin K & Niacin, a great source of fibre & a good source of healthy omega 3, 6 & 9 oils. They also help boost your immune system to keep you healthier for longer.

It’s no wonder thousands of people across the world are using Acai Berry to help them lose weight, feel healthier and give themselves more energy.

Pure Acai Berry also includes the renowned ingredient Green Tea Extract. You’re not just getting one premium fat burning ingredient. You’re getting two!

Green Tea Extract has numerous reasons that make it a world class premium ingredient. Green Tea Extract can help burn fat. It can protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancers. It can lower blood pressure. It can guard against hepatitis. It can help prevent arthritis. It can even help protect against bad breath and help fight against allergies. The list goes on and on.

Pure Acai Berry not only helps you lose weight, it helps you stay healthy.

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Top reasons for weight loss goals going wrong

Binge eating - It’s hard not to binge eat. Stress, lack of energy, etc. We all love sugary sweets to perk up our mood.

No exercise - It’s harder today than any other time in history to exercise. We don’t have enough time and get distracted often.

Non-Natural Lifestyle - It’s becoming harder and harder to put in the effort and time needed to go all natural with green fresh fruit & veg and lots of exercise.

Losing Weight Has Never Been Easier

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to supplements or if you have have been taking them for a while.

We all want the best product available on the market, but how can you be sure which items are quality products and which products just won’t work?

Pure Acai Berry takes two renowned weight loss ingredients and combines them into one product. We have used the maximum recommended dosage of each ingredient so you can get the maximum effect of both ingredients. We don’t believe in cutting corners to help you on your weight loss journey.

Pure Acai Berry uses the highest amount of quality ingredients - we can’t pack any more in!

Rich in B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin K & Niacin, a great source of fibre & a good source of healthy omega 3, 6 & 9

Get quicker results - burn away unwanted fat to get that body you always wanted!

Dr. Alfred Hasselbacher

Celebrities have their weight loss secrets: make Pure Acai Berry your special weapon in fighting weight loss!

Famous Celebs on diets who have had dramatic weight loss

Dr. Alfred recommends Fat Burning Pure Acai Berry for Dieters

Dr. Alfred Hasselbacher: “I wanted people to be able to enjoy the benefits of weight loss without the pain of hours at the gym and starving themselves.

By developing Pure Acai Berry people will be able to lose weight without extreme exercise, un-healthy dieting and loss of energy that can make people agitated and can put a strain on people’s relationships with friends, family & partners.

Everybody should be able to enjoy the health benefits of losing weight without all the negative issues that can come from weight loss.”

GERMANY'S LEADING DOCTOR Dr. Alfred, a professor of medicine was the leading doctor in Pure Acai Berry’s development

One of the main reasons Dr. Alfred decided to develop Pure Acai Berry is that he knew the health benefits of weight loss were too important for people to miss out on.

He wanted people to be able to get all of these benefits but not have to go through the pain constantly associated with weight loss.

He wanted everyone to enjoy the health benefits without having to do the hard work; that is when he started developing Pure Acai Berry.

In case you didn’t know or you’re new to Pure Acai Berry, here is a list of the benefits:

Fat Burn
Rich in Vitamins
and Fibre
Boost Your
Good Source of
Omega 3, 6 & 9

Doctors have developed Pure Acai Berry to help dieters and individuals who care about their health and well-being.

Results have shown that people have less and less time to take care of their well-being; even if they want to. Longer working hours, less sleep and higher stress all leads to an un-healthy lifestyle.

After this data was analysed they decided to work on a product that individuals would be able to benefit from without drastically changing their lifestyle.

This is when Pure Acai Berry was developed. It boosts your metabolism, increases stamina and energy levels and boosts your immune system.

As described before, as well as helping you lose weight, Pure Acai Berry can fight and protect against health risks that are increasing more and more in the modern age. It can protect against heart disease, diabetes and cancers. It can lower blood pressure. It can guard against hepatitis. It can help prevent arthritis. It can even help protect against bad breath and help fight against allergies.

5:2 Fast Formula Dieting Supplement is 100% Natural


The Pure Acai Berry Formula IS made from ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS

The Pure Acai Berry formula is a powerhouse of natural ingredients designed to burn fat quickly and effectively. At it’s core is the fat busting ingredient - Açaí Berry.

Açaí Berries can increase a persons energy & stamina, increase metabolism for enhanced weight-loss, increase a persons immune system and is rich in healthy Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 oils; essential for weight loss and your immune system.

Acai Berries
Green Tea Extract

Pure Acai Berry also includes one of the best fat loss ingredients on the market. That ingredient is Green Tea Extract.

If you know about weight loss, you’ll know that Green Tea Extract is taking the world by storm. We could have just produced two separate supplements and tried to sell you both, but we believe in helping you in your weight loss journey in the best way we can...

With the most effective ingredients!

Become a fat burning machine!

By using Pure Acai Berry’s ingredients you’ll become a fat burning machine without fail.

Not only are you going to be burning fat by taking Pure Acai Berry, you will also be boosting your immunity and energy levels.

You’ll soon be at your ideal weight and be able to enjoy all the health benefits that come with getting rid of that extra weight.

Increase your body’s fat burning potential

Fight heart disease, diabetes and cancers

Designed to increase your energy levels

A huge 1200mg dual action serving

Boost your body’s immunity

Rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential oils

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What others are saying about Pure Acai Berry

“There are so many products out there claiming to be the next 'super fruit' or 'best diet supplement'. I decided to try one I had actually heard of and this company seemed pretty genuine. The results have been amazing; I have so much more energy and in turn have been getting more exercise and snacking less.

I really feel like a different person, no longer irritable or sluggish but vibrant and positively chirpy! It has made a difference in every aspect of my life – from work to my relationship. Thanks so much PureAcaiBerry™!"

Sarah, UK

"I tried PureAcaiBerry™ purely because of your own literature and testimonials. I was 14 stone when I got my first batch.

I now, after attending the gym at least 3 times a week & taking PureAcaiBerry™ am just over 12 stone! My skin is much better and I have a healthier mind. Thanks PureAcaiBerry™!"

Andrew, USA

"I took PureAcaiBerry™ because I knew acai is a strong anti-oxidant which is very beneficial to health, immune support and anti-aging.

I took tablets as instructed and after about a week noticed that I was looking less bloated and generally am a bit slimmer. My clothes did not feel as tight either. I feel more alert and 'healthier', and my skin is not quite as dry as it was before I started taking it.

Wonderful product, would certainly recommend it, it is a great helping hand for weight loss and with additional benefits"

Claire, UK

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Purchase any Pure Acai Berry product with confidence, knowing that it's backed with a no risk, no hassle 60-day money back guarantee.

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This guarantee includes all Pure Acai Berry combination package products.

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